Our Fleet


An unpowered vehicle towed by a Tractor unit. Trailers are divided in two categories, the heavy special trailers and the commercial/normal trailers.

Modular Trailer

A modular trailer is a series of special vehicles that is used to transport large cargos that are difficult to disassemble. The trailer is also used transport over-length goods. The major applications of modular trailers include power stations, chemical industry, iron and steel industry and the construction industry. Modular trailers are used for mining operations because of their excellent lateral stability.
Max. load capacity

Low loader

Low loader trailers are usually used to carry construction and engineering plant or wide and high loads.

Semi trailer

Semi-trailer trailers with fixed gooseneck with platform height varying from 80-100cm and lengths from 6 – 44 m. M


Trailer 20ft, 40ft, 48ft or 53ft length used for carrying shipping containers or general cargo. The flatbed trailer has no roof or walls to the side. It is a bare platform on which different container sizes are secured using container locks ready for transportation. It can also be used for general cargo transport.