A. Soulis Enterprises Ltd is renowned in the field of cranes and heavy haulage in Cyprus.

The geographical position of Cyprus, being at the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa at the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, gives us the advantage to move easily between continents to offer our services. Cyprus is a full member of the European Union as at 1st of May 2004.

The company has a solid reputation in hiring cranes and executing difficult and highly demanding transport. Our fleet consists of cranes up to 750 tons,  spmt-modular trailers up to 800 tons, and extendable trailers.

Our story is one that began decades ago, dating back to 1977, when our Managing Director, Andreas Soulis, first entered the transport business, before expanding company activities in 1991, offering innovative lifting solutions with cranes.

Continually expanding and growing year after year, A. Soulis Enterprises Ltd has established the main depot three minutes away from the Larnaca International Airport (10 minutes from Larnaca Port 2nd Main Port of Cyprus), and in the Limassol Port (The Main Port of the Island). Since 2018 the company established its presence in Greece and Oman.

We have executed jobs for the following organisations

We are grateful that more and more companies are placing their trust in us on a daily basis. And we are proud to offer our dedicated services to them!